Magnolia CORE 5.6 is available
#1 by jlegendre on Nov 16, 2017 1:55:02 PM


We’re happy to announce the release of Magnolia 5.6. This major release provides many cool new features, improvements and bugfixes. Here is a short summary:

Changes for authors
- New Content Tags module lets authors quickly create and apply free-form tags to their content.
- Publishing module replaces the Activation module, bringing a more logical ordering to the publishing functions and setting all workspaces to publishable by default.
- OAuth 2.0 is available as an SMTP authentication method.
- Virtual URI mappings subapp and the Google Analytics module are deprecated.

Changes for developers
- New delivery endpoint for direct access to content through the REST API.
- Upgrade to Vaadin 8.1.5.
- Log4j 2 improvements for logging configuration.
- A software BOM (Bill of Materials) project can be used to manage third-party module dependencies.
- Commenting, Forum and STK modules are no longer included in bundles and webapps.
- ClientErrorInterceptor removed from the REST client.
- Virtual URI mapping classes changes.
- Content API removed from some modules.

There is a link to the release notes below as usual. You can check out the full changelog from there. Many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fix or simply commented on these issues.

Please note that documentation URLs are now version specific: DOCS56

Release notes:

Upgrade information:

- Enterprise Edition:
- Community Edition: download from the Release notes page or from Nexus

Maven generated site (including Javadoc):


Julie, for the Magnolia Team