Magnolia CORE 5.4.13 is available
#1 by mdrapela on Jun 9, 2017 2:50:02 PM


We’re happy to announce the release of Magnolia CORE 5.4.13. This release brings a number of bug and security fixes and also some improvements such as:

- Improved import of zip folders to the Assets app.
- Removal of archived tasks in the Pulse.
- Update of Apache Tika to version 1.14.

There is a link to the release notes below as usual. You can check out the full changelog from there. Many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fix or simply commented on these issues.

Release notes:

- Enterprise Edition:
- Community Edition: download from the Release notes page or from Nexus

Maven generated site (including Javadoc):


Martin, for the Magnolia Team