Magnolia 5.3.13 is available
#1 by cmeier on Feb 12, 2016 4:08:56 PM

Hi there,

Magnolia 5.3.13 has just been released! Magnolia 5.3.13 addresses some support and maintenance issues. Among others it delivers the following fixes and enhancements:

- Invalid message patterns aren't breaking the UI anymore.
- The Content-Type header is not set by ContentTypeFilter anymore. The MIME type was incorrectly set according to the request extension. Now it's the responsibility of renderers/servlets to set correct content type. For instance FreemarkerRenderer and JspRenderer set the content type).
- MIME type for JCR export is now changed from application/octet-stream to application/xml.
- ResponseContentTypeVoter has became deprecated and has been replaced by RequestExtensionVoter to better reflect its function. The content type was always only resolved from the extension of the request.
- AdminOnlyMatcher - a new matcher class matching only on an author context - was introduced for instance to use on the uri-starts-with-sitename multisite rule in order to prevent cross-site access on the public instance.

Release notes are linked below as usual, you can check out the full change log from there. Again, many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fixing or commented on these issues.

Release notes:

- Enterprise Edition:
- Community Edition:

Maven generated site: (incl. javadoc)


Christoph, for the Magnolia Team.