Magnolia roadmap has a new format
#1 by ahietala on Dec 21, 2016 4:20:28 PM

Hello. We started using a Now-Next-Later board for the Magnolia CORE roadmap.

The board indicates our priorities using three buckets:

- Now: items we are currently working on or have specified.
- Next: items we have decided to do but have not yet started.
- Later: items we are aware of but have not committed to doing.

Click the cards to learn more about any item.

The colored labels are themes that focus on solving particular problems. Use the labels to filter the roadmap if you are only interested in a theme such as light development.

(What are roadmap themes? )

We hope you find the new format informative. Feel free to comment on the Magnolia wiki.

Antti, for the Magnolia team