Magnolia CORE 5.5.5 is available
#1 by jlegendre on Jul 5, 2017 2:24:32 PM


We’re happy to announce the release of Magnolia CORE 5.5.5. Along with a number bug fixes and performance enhancements, this release provides many improvements for both authors and developers. Here is a short summary:

Changes for authors:

- AdminCentral performance improved
- Date fields can be preconfigured to the current date or a specific date
- Templates of personalized page variants can be changed
- The required property works (again) for password fields

Changes for developers:

- Easy to read installation screens
- Binary exports to YAML are disallowed
- Best practice for message files applied in the Magnolia Demo
- Drop constraints for workbench and Move dialog are unified
- JcrNewNodeAdapter#isNew no longer always returns hardcoded true
- MgnlUser bean consistency
- RESTEasy library update to 3.0.23

And much more.

There is a link to the release notes below as usual. You can check out the full changelog from there. Many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fix or simply commented on these issues.

Release notes:
- Enterprise Edition:
- Community Edition: download from the Release notes page or from Nexus

Maven generated site (including Javadoc):

Julie, for the Magnolia Team