Configuring custom SearchContentToolPresenter
#1 by sebastian-tauch on Feb 3, 2017 2:23:50 PM


the magnolia implementation of SearchContentToolPresenter switches into the ListView if the search field is empty, regardless of the view the user was in before starting a search.

I want to change this behaviour to always switch into the TreeView instead, because otherwise our users run into timeouts when searching in the DAM App due to our huge amount of assets.

What is the best way to achieve this?

* I tried registering my custom SearchContentToolPresenter implementation via the project.xml, but I get google inject compile errors for missing magnolia class implementations. If I add them as well, there are now even more magnolia classes implementations missing. This doesn't seem to be the way.
* I tried writing and registering a custom WorkbenchPresenter implentation via the project.xml, but I run into the same problems as above
* I tried to add my custom SearchContentToolPresenter through the config app's workbench configuration but I can't find any example or documentation on how to achieve this correctly

Some pointers would be very appreciated!
Sebastian Tauch

Sebastian Tauch