Importance of UI for the website development
#1 by Eviepratt on Oct 27, 2017 7:14:57 PM

Just pass my high school and now going towards the professional studies, I have some very serious questions in my mind. If I start asking all the questions here, this website will block me over this. That is why I will keep the thing as short as possible and concise too. The question that I would like to ask here is about the website development because I am interested in choosing the web development as my professional study so I can get a job in a company which provides website development service in UK.

Since this industry is one of the only industries in the world which is on the boom from past decade, I think that this is the right way of creating my career. The thing that I want to know about it is the importance of the UI. After doing some research on my own, I came across the term call UI or user interface. This term is more related to the interface of the websites I guess. I am not sure that is why I am asking about it on this platform.

The reason why I am asking it so that I can decide in which section of the website development is more suitable for me and how I can make a better career in it. I would like to know its importance in the process of website development so I can ensure that the education I am getting is important in the industry. Kindly do comment below and help me in choosing the right path for my future.