Magnolia CORE 5.5.6 is available
#1 by cmeier on Aug 29, 2017 3:50:38 PM


We’re happy to announce the release of Magnolia CORE 5.5.6:

Changes for authors:
Introducing the Content Editor - An author-friendly interface that lets you create long-form content easily and publish it instantly. A mix of structured form fields and free-flow composition means you can reuse content while maintaining the flexibility you need.
Check out the Stories app, used in decorated form in the Magnolia travel demo, to see what you can do with the content editor!
Workflow - Free up publication bottlenecks by reclaiming tasks already assigned to other users.

Changes for developers:
Simplify and accelerate development by supplying JavaScript template models in light modules.
Reuse configuration easily with YAML !inherit and !include directives. Both inherited and included definitions can be modified and overridden. You can !include from YAML-based files and !inherit from registry definitions (such as YAML or JCR definitions)
Use the new cmsfn.dump function in a template script to output an object's structure and content in plain text.
Configure virtual URI mappings in a YAML definition file in a light module and benefit from an improved API.
Provide guidance to users entering content by adding the new placeholder property to text and link field definitions.
The LDAP module configuration has been relocated and simplified.

Release notes (including a full changelog):

- Enterprise Edition:
- Community Edition: download from the Release notes page or from Nexus

Maven generated site (including Javadoc):

Many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fix or simply commented on these issues.

Christoph, for the Magnolia Team