Standard Templating Kit (STK) deprecation
#1 by ahietala on Sep 14, 2017 11:48:40 AM

Hi Magnolia community,

The Standard Templating Kit (STK) will be deprecated on September 15, 2017 and will reach end of life on December 31, 2018. This message explains what deprecation means and what you should do.

What is STK?

Standard Templating Kit is an extensible kit of Magnolia templates and components, first released in April 2009. The STK provided a full set of useful, use-case driven examples. However, as front-end Web technologies evolved, the STK started to feel too big with its many examples and tight coupling. It was too different from the way websites are prototyped and conceptualized today.

The replacement is Magnolia Templating Kit (MTK), first released with Magnolia 5.4 on July 3, 2015. MTK is quicker to learn and requires fewer skills. The MTK is aimed at the increasing number of front-end developers who looked for something leaner and less time-consuming. MTK is front-end framework agnostic, which means you can integrate it with any modern framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation.

STK has been in maintenance mode for past two years. During this time we have fixed bugs but have not actively developed the STK further. It is now time to take the next step and deprecate the STK. We want to use the time spent on maintaining, testing and bundling the STK smarter, to do new things.

What does deprecation mean?

Deprecation means:

- We only do security fixes in STK. No more bug fixes.
- We no longer provide bundles that include STK. You can still get the STK modules from Nexus for your own bundle. (1)
- We don't test STK with new versions of Magnolia anymore.
- We will provide webinars and support to help you update your templates to MTK.

The deprecated status lasts for one year. On December 31, 2018, we remove STK code from the product completely and donate it to the community on the Magnolia Forge.

What you should do

- Plan. Put template update in your next year's schedule and budget now.
- Learn. Read the docs. Look out for webinar announcements in Magnolia newsletters. Learn best practices. (2, 3)
- Update your templates. Use the modern Magnolia Templating Kit. It's quick to learn and front-end friendly.
- Contact Magnolia Support if you need help updating. (4)

Antti, on behalf of the Magnolia team