How to get localized titles for custom navigation?
#1 by melodeejoyhoene on Mar 13, 2013 5:53:18 PM

We are on 4.5.7 community edition. I have a custom navigation jsp
<c:set var="productsBase" value="${mu:contentByPath('/xxx', 'website')}" />
<c:set var="products" value="${mu:subpages(productsBase)}" />
<c:forEach items="${products}" var="itemMgn" varStatus="currCount">
<c:set var="itemJCR" value="${itemMgn.JCRNode}" />
<c:set var="pageNode" value="${cmsfn:asContentMap(itemJCR)}" />
<c:out value="${pageNode['@navigationTitle']}"/>

How can I dynamically get the i18n value of navigationTitle?
Thank you, Melodee Joy