Want to share some ideas and experience
#1 by webexperts on Oct 30, 2017 12:01:29 PM

Hello, I am Hasan Shah a senior web developer and designer in WEBExperts a web designing company in Karachi, I have been working since 2011 and faced many tough clients in my profession but some months ago a client from Bahrain a store owner want a web application online for his business but he cant explain what he wanted, then I had finished his work but unfortunately could not satisfied him then I got an idea and tell him that what he wants to see kindly take a paper and pen then draw it by hand and what ideas in his mind publish in the paper and guess what ideas works, :) and he written his demand in the paper and then sent me. I understood easily by seeing it and I have done all the things that he wants but something in the user interfaces what he wants was different and then I change it and then satisfied him.