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Magnolia Community Forums: Get help with Magnolia: Node link not working

  • pedro
    Full name: Pedro
    Posts: 11
    Last post: Sep 26, 2017 12:51:35 PM
    Registered on: Jul 27, 2017
    Node link not working
    #1 by pedro on Aug 21, 2017 7:14:06 PM

    Hi to everyone,
    I want to link my results from searchfn to the page, not only to the component.
    At the moment I have:

    [#if queryStr?has_content]
    [#assign searchResults = mySearchfn.searchContent('website', queryStr, '/home', 'mgnl:component') /]
    [#assign recordsFound = searchResults?size /]

    <h3> <em>${recordsFound}</em> Results -> "${queryStr}"</span></h3>

    <div class="list-group">
    [#if searchResults?has_content]
    [#list searchResults as item]
    <a href="${}" class="list-group-item">
    <p class="list-group-item-text">${item.excerpt!}</p>

    <p class="list-group-item-text">${!}</p>
    <!--return:getPath() of the node (pointing to component) as String-->
    <p class="list-group-item-text">${item.pageLink!}</p>
    <!--return:path/to/page as String-->



    the url I get from <a> tag is something like "path/to/page/area/component", the problem is I can't see the full page, only the component.

    <a href="${cmsfn.contentByPath(item.pageLink, "website")}">link</a>

    given the example above, only builds the url as /page not building with full string (path/to/page)

  • tgregovsky
    Full name: Tomáš Gregovský
    Posts: 7
    Last post: Aug 22, 2017 7:37:51 AM
    Re: Node link not working
    #2 by tgregovsky on Aug 22, 2017 7:37:51 AM

    hello Pedro,
    try this:

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