meaning of "Node2BeanTransformerImpl: Will use deprecated add method [addLocale]" ?
#1 by prism on Nov 29, 2017 4:22:41 PM

I get a lot of warings during startup:

WARN gnolia.jcr.node2bean.impl.Node2BeanTransformerImpl: Will use deprecated add method [addLocale] to populate [locales] in bean class [info.magnolia.cms.i18n.DefaultI18nContentSupport].

It's logged in info.magnolia.jcr.node2bean.impl.Node2BeanTransformerImpl.setProperty when setting the properties of /modules/multisite/config, but info.magnolia.cms.i18n.AbstractI18nContentSupport.addLocale (extended by DefaultI18nContentSupport) is not marked deprecated.

So I'm a bit confused about what's the meaning behind it. Is it connected to an old configuration? The current documentation of the multisite module does not mention a i18n-node in the configuration anymore.